Pictured: Front Row (left to right): Ella, Red, Willow, Shelley

Back Row (left to right): Kristy, Greg, Phil

planting potatoes

Kristy plants potatoes with help from Shelley and Ella


Red, Head of Security and Greg's sidekick




Crystal-clear streams flow through the Terra Rosa land.


Eat Healthy Food!


Greg driving the tractor


Stu, Night Patrol


Here at Terra Rosa, our goal and intention is to nourish the soils of Terra Rosa, which will nourish the veggies and orchards and cattle we grow, which will nourish the people who eat our food. Stewardship is the word we hope to live by. We intend to be faithful stewards of the land.


Greg Swift is our Ranch Manager here at Terra Rosa. Greg spent his early years cultivating an interest in farming in southwest Missouri. After acquiring his education, he pursued a career in horticulture. He eventually moved to New Zealand, where he met his wife, Kristy, and started a family. Greg and Kristy owned and operated Swift Farm in New Zealand for eight years before returning to the United States and starting their new positions at Terra Rosa. With his well-rounded background in farming, we are incredibly fortunate to have Greg running Terra Rosa.


Kristy Swift ,Garden Manager at Terra Rosa, was born and raised on the south island of New Zealand. Growing up, she developed a keen sense of gardening and enthusiasm for the great outdoors. She found a career in landscaping and sylviculture, and was always up for a challenge. Kristy married Greg and they started a family, which led them to dairy farming where they owned and operated Swift Farm ltd. Farming is a great lifestyle for their family. They later moved to America where it lead them to Terra Rosa for their exciting new venture at the farm down road.

Shelley King Theis, a native of Kansas City, always yearned to live in the country. Her ancestors were pioneers and farmers, and she believes the blood tells. Shelley graduated from Barstow School in 1971 and completed her DVM at Kansas State University in 1982. Shelley is a Master Gardener, a mom to three wonderful people, and has become an avid Arkansas bird watcher. She has enthusiastically embraced her duties as chief organic seed shopper and garden co-designer.

Phil Brandt was raised in the Garden State, so in a sense he has come full circle. Phil retired after spending far too long in the logistics field. Many diverse experiences have prepared Phil for his duties at Terra Rosa, including operating the many tractors, restoring barns, maximizing water sources and creating spreadsheets, as well as helping the others when needed. A lover of the outdoors, Phil has hiked and hunted morels throughout the property.

Red (Red Healer)

Red was born in Jasper County, Missouri in 2015. He’s a great dog and a loyal friend. When you see Greg, Red is always sure to be found nearby, either barking at the cows or playing fetch. Red is a member of the family and Terra Rosa is proud to call him part of the team as Head of Security.

Stu and his elusive friend Lou came to Terra Rosa from the local animal shelter in March 2018. We understand their owner had died, so we were very happy to take them in and give them a new chapter. Their job description includes catching mice, purring and night patrol.


At Terra Rosa we are always learning from one another. Phil taught Shelley how to drive the little tractor with all its cool attachments. Greg taught everyone how to hunt for morel mushrooms. Kristy has taught us all to speak Kiwi and has infused Terra Rosa with her New Zealand style gardening. We enjoy one another's company and feed off of each other's enthusiasm.


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